Contest: Mini Series of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea

Matt JOnes shared the first look at one of 4 Special Brews from the new Mini Series of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea. The Lunar Tea is a GID edition that has been Brewed on the Moon in an edition of 40. Download free Lunar Tea wallpapers here.

Pre-order the Mini Teas here – there are 12 flavours and 4 Special Brews. The Lunar Tea is the first Special Brew Matt has unveiled, and he will show the remaining Special Brews every weekend until the official release date of November 27, 2010.

Now for the contest – you can win a signed Mini Tea by answering this question: How does Matt JOnes take his tea? (Hint: the answer can be found here.)

Leave your answer in the comments section. I will pick one random winner from the correct answers, and Matt will send you one signed Mini Tea! Contest closes on November 20, 2010.

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40 thoughts on “Contest: Mini Series of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea”

  1. Matt takes his tea “hard” aka with milk and two sugars… I wonder if he ever adds anything hard to it ;)

  2. Matt takes his tea with milk and two sugars! (The “hard stuff,” haha!)

    These minis are awesome; I’m totally loving the first special brew!

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