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WHOAAAA!! Check out this amazing piece by Jerrod Maruyama for Supahcute Kaiju Show 2!! “This Is My Castle Now” is based on the Goliad episode of Adventure Time and will come signed and framed.


Here is your first look at Ian Glaubinger‘s canvas print “King of Monsters.” This is a limited edition of 2, and only 1 will be available at the show!

Peter Kato Kaiju

Peter Kato has been working on a new original sculpt, and you can follow his progress shots on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait to see the final piece!

Additional sneak preview and WIP photos are available on Flickr and on the Facebook event page.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, March 14 (6-10pm). We will not have an online preview for the show, so be sure to get there early!

“Dubious Beasts: Life Cycles” by Shing Yin Khor and Leslie Levings at Stranger Factory

Dubious Beasts Life Cycles

You already know how much I love Leslie Levings and Shing Yin Khor. Whenever they collaborate for an art show, you must go! On March 6, Stranger Factory will welcome this amazing duo for the third installation of their “Dubious Beasts” series – Dubious Beasts: Life Cycles.

Beastlies Dubious Beasts Life Cycles

Leslie Levings

In this show, the artists explore a universe of off kilter whimsy and inquire into the development processes of their curious creatures.

Dubious Beasts Life Cycles Shing Yin Khor

Shing Yin Khor

The exhibit opens with a reception on Friday, March 6 from 6 – 9 pm. Both artists will be in attendance so go say hello! The show will run through April 4.

Dubious Beasts Life Cycles Beastlies

Leslie Levings

The full preview for the show will be sent on March 5. Sign up at to get first dibs.

Shing Yin Khor Dubious Beasts Life Cycles

Shing Yin Khor

Leslie Levings Dubious Beasts Life Cycles

Leslie Levings

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2: Sneak Preview #2

YemaYema The DestroyerHere is your first look at “The Destroyer” by YemaYema for Supahcute Kaiju Show 2! This is just one of the amazing pieces that will be available at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland starting on March 14.

Luke Flowers sneak preview

Luke Flowers is creating two pieces for the show, and here is a sneak preview of one of them. This will be Luke’s first time showing at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland!

Allison Koberstein sneak preview

Allison Koberstein created this adorable kaiju for the show, and you can see the entire piece soon!

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 opens on Saturday, March 14 with a reception from 6-10pm. (RSVP on the Facebook event page.) The show will run through April 26.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2: First Sneak Preview

Azul Pineiro Supahcute Kaiju 2

The sneak previews for Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 are starting to arrive, and everything looks so fantastic! Check out this mega-adorable piece by Azul Piñeiro.

Ian Glaubinger King of Monsters

Here is a tiny sneak preview of Ian Glaubinger‘s new canvas print titled “King of Monsters.” This piece is as epic as you would expect.

Genevieve Santos Supahcute Kaiju 2

Genevieve Santos has several supahcute pieces in this show, and here is your first look at one of them. We all scream for ice cream!

Have you RSVPed for the opening reception yet? It takes place on Saturday, March 14 (6-10pm) at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, and we hope to see you there!

‘Be My Valentine’ Group Exhibition at Rivet Gallery

Greg Ham

Greg Ham

On February 7, Rivet in collaboration with Igloo Letterpress welcomed back the second annual group exhibition ‘Be My Valentine.’

Andrea Kang

Andrea Kang

Channeling the days of Valentine greetings being handed out at elementary school, the nervousness of silly little crushes and fears of rejections past. This is a modern-day twist on the little Valentine square.

Vanessa Ramirez

Vanessa Ramirez

Over 40 artists were given a 4in x 5in one-sided card to create their Valentine. Whether your heartstrings are of song or scorn, you’ll be sure to find one that meets your heart’s desire. Check out ‘Be My Valentine’ online! The show runs through February 28.

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