Save the Date! Dreams ‘Small Art, Big Imaginations’


Leanna Lin’s Wonderland ends a magical year with Dreams ‘Small Art, Big Imaginations.’ For this ‘cash & carry’ art show, Leanna Lin invited a few of her favorite artists to share works inspired by their own dreams. All artwork will be 10″ x 10″ or smaller and ready to take home upon purchase. Dreams is the perfect show for the holiday season. Gift an original piece of art to your loved one or add a new piece to your own art collection.

Participating artists include Bored Inc., CJ Metzger, Crowded Teeth, Flat Bonnie, Genevieve Santos, Janie XY, Misha Lulu, Mister Toast, Nan Lawson, Naoshi, and Tiffany Liu.

Dreams opens on Saturday, November 7 with a reception from 6-10pm. The show will run through December 24. Because this is a ‘cash & carry’ show, be sure to get there early for your first choice!

Corey Helford Gallery Presents ‘Your Pencilled Masses, Yearning To Be Free’

Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne

While Corey Helford Gallery prepares for the inaugural opening of their new location, they’ve decided to host one more surprise group exhibition at CHG Circa in Culver City! “Your Pencilled Masses, Yearning To Be Free”- a multi-figure colored pencil group show – opens this Saturday, October 3 from 7-10pm.

Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh

This exhibition features works by Alex Rodriguez, Natalia Fabia, Sylvia Ji, Brandi Milne, Liz McGrath, Luke Chueh, Lola, Kukula, Korin Faught, Michael Page, Maddie Carr, Mike Stilkey, Van Arno, Andrew Brandou, Beau Stanton, Caia Koopman, J. Otto Seibold, Greg Gossel, Carlos Ramos, Joey Remmers, Kelsey Beckett, Ken Garduno, Aven Helford, Cathie Bleck, Nicomi Nix Turner, Sarah Folkman and Richard J. Oliver.

Caia Koopman

Caia Koopman

The reception is open to the public, and the exhibition is on view through November 7.

Today is #AskACurator Day

small-adventures-openingToday is #AskaCurator Day, and I received some great questions on Instagram. See my answers below…

How do you decide on your themes?

All of my shows grew out of an idea that became an obsession. I thought of Supahcute Kaiju Show after seeing Pacific Rim and wondering ‘where are the cute baby kaiju?’ My boyfriend used to teach first grade and now he teaches third grade. My recent show Small Adventures developed from looking at his stack of old Sendak and Silverstein books. As a curator, my goal is to come up with show themes that are unique and that feel right at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

What is the process for curating an exhibition?

It involves spreadsheets and a lot of emails! As a curator, my role is part event organizer and part hypewoman. This includes inviting the artists, reviewing promotional materials, ensuring all works are delivered on time, procuring photos of the finished pieces, sending out press releases, and promoting the hell out of the show!

Leanna and I have been working together since 2012, and we’re constantly tweaking our working process to make sure the show runs smoothly. We want everyone to enjoy the best time ever!

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