Join Us at Doggie Wonderland “Fun Adventures with Your Best Friend” on May 10 (6-10pm)


On May 10, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and Supahcute are proud to present “Doggie Wonderland “Fun Adventures with your Best Friend” – an art show/benefit for Ken-Mar Rescue. All art and products are priced at $100 and lower with 100% of proceeds going to Ken-Mar Rescue.

The opening event takes place on Saturday, May 10 (6-10pm), and all artwork and related products will go on sale starting at 6:00pm. Due to the “cash and carry” nature of this show, we will not have an online preview period. All remaining pieces will be available online a few days after the opening event.

We’ll also have great raffle prizes, silent auction items, complimentary snacks and drinks, and goodie bags for the first $25 art show purchases. (This will be a humans-only event, so please leave your pets at home. Sorry!) Please RSVP on the Facebook event page to receive updates on this event.

Donating Artists and Designers:
Adrianna Bamber / Allison Koberstein / Allison Revilla / Angela Song / Ann Shen / Andrea Kang / Audrey Miller / Atiliay / Aurora Lady / Azul Piñeiro / Bored Inc. / Bubi Au Yeung / Camilo Bejarano / catmandru! / CJ Metzger / Clara Grisanegra / Coney / Crowded Teeth / Cuddly Rigor Mortis / Doubleparlour / Em & Sprout / Emma Goo / Enkyskulls / Erica Sirotich / Eva Sowinski / Flat Bonnie / Gemma Correll / Genevieve Santos / Goreilla + Moemoe / Greg Ham / Jackie Williams / Jared Andrew Schorr /Jenipher Lyn / Jeremiah Ketner / Jerrod Maruyama / Joey Chou / Kai Herrera / Kevin Chan / Kelley Frisby / Kristen “Hapa” Lau / Laura Berger / Luli Bunny / Lisa Aileen Dragani / Liz Adams / Locketship / Marie Dolphin / Michael Fleming / My Zoetrope / Nellie Le / Nicole Piar / Bunny (Pamela Barbieri) / Philip Lumbang / Oscar Rosales / Orbital Ox / Oubly / Raymond Sanchez / Rebecca Harkness / Rhodora Jacob / Sharodactyl / Sharr / Shlii / Simone Listiak / Teddy Bear Republic / This Paper Ship / Unicorn Crafts / Vanessa Ramirez / Varinya Nunez / Vitamin Cats / Yumiko Kayukawa / Yummy Pancake + More!

Event Sponsors:
Emma Goo Photography / Jarritos / Oliver Bentleys Bakery / Sugar Queen / Forty One Forty One / Promise Events / Vina Sympatica Sparkling Wines + More!

Raffle and Silent Auction Sponsors:
Aquarium of the Pacific / BLD Restaurant / Desert Springs Dog Spa Resort /Disneyland / Dog Poop Bags / Dog Spa Resort / DogEared Jewelry / Emails from Shilo, translated by Susan J. Lustig / Emma Goo Photography / Flexi USA / Found My Animal / Gale’s Restaurant / Golf N Stuff Norwalk / John Paul Pet / Jupey / K9 Loft / Lauren Lukacek Photography / Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar / Lisa Aileen Dragani Photography / Lola’s for Pets / Malibu Family Wines / Marie Dolphin Photography / Nerium / Oliver Bentley’s Biscuits / Peet’s Coffee and Tea / Plush Beauty Bar / Pooch Hotel Hollywood / Premier Pet Products / Quaker Pet Group / Rosa Mexicano / Rosenthal Estate Wines / The Company of Animals / Trump National / Vina Sympatica

Last Week of Supahcute Science Fair!

Hine Mizushima

Hard to believe that Supahcute Science Fair is almost over! You can still catch it at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through Sunday, April 27, or view the show online!

Cute Culture 1

This is the only remaining Cute Culture piece by Jared Andrew Schorr.


I hope Nikola Tesla fans don’t miss out on this print. Unframed prints are also available and each one has a handwritten Easter egg about Nikola Tesla on the back!

Lyla Warren Supahcute Science Fair

Lyla Warren’s 3D tribute to astronaut Chris Hadfield is pretty amazing. I’m still hoping that someone at NASA will see this piece and share it with Col. Hadfield!

I’m really proud of all of the Supahcute Science Fair artists, and I really want all of the artwork to find good homes. If you know any science geeks and art nerds, please share this link with them!

Supahcute Science Fair: An Art Show for All Ages!

supahcute science fair opening
supahcute science fair opening reception

Supahcute Science Fair has been popular with kids and adults alike, and the show is still going strong at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! Art nerds and science fanatics of all ages will definitely find soemthing to love here.

Supahcute Science Fair Opening 7

Leslie Levings’ So Many Wonders sold during the online preview, but I encourage you to see it in person. Seriously amazing!!

supahcute science fair vanessa and teslacake

Vanessa Ramirez’s monsters all sold out on opening night, but TeslaCake’s limited edition prints are still available. Check out Supahcute Science Fair online or in person at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through April 27!

Save the Date! Doggie Wonderland Art Show/Benefit for Ken-Mar Rescue


On May 10, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and Supahcute are proud to present Doggie Wonderland “Fun Adventures with Your Best Friend.” All proceeds from this group art exhibition and benefit will be donated to Ken-Mar Rescue, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit small dog rescue. The sneak previews have been rolling in and every single piece looks amazing! Here is a tiny sneak preview of what you’ll see at Doggie Wonderland…


“Loyal Friends” by Jerrod Maruyama will be available as a framed giclee on paper and comes signed. Only one framed piece will be available at the show.

Bubi Au Yeung Doggie Wonderland

Bubi Au Yeung created a new print for the show titled “We Are Friends.” Only one print will be available. If you want either of these adorable pieces, I suggest you arrive to the opening early!

Doggie Wonderland opens with a reception at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 10 (6-10pm). Remember, this is a “cash and carry” show with all works priced at $100 and under. Because this is a “cash and carry” show, we will NOT have an online preview. Attendees of the opening reception will get first dibs, and remaining artwork will be available online a few days after the opening event.

Fairybug Paintings at Supahcute Science Fair


This Drab Fairybug painting by Shing Yin Khor is still available at Supahcute Science Fair! Visit Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock, or purchase it online.


Her Butterwinged Fairybugs 1 painting is also still available! Shing created 7 paintings for this show, and the other 5 sold on opening night. So, don’t miss out on the last two!

Dubious Beasts Symbiosis

Oregon friends, save the date for “Dubious Beasts: Symbiosis” at Archimdes Gallery! This is Shing’s second duo show with Leslie Levings, and you already know it’s going to be amazing.