Gallery Nucleus Presents ‘Line Weight III’


On January 24, Gallery Nucleus is proud to reprise its customary exhibition series, Line Weight, in the gallery’s inaugural show of the new year. This third installment welcomes a new roster of widely diverse and notable talents exploring the versatility of the line in compelling ways.


Artists Claire Hummel, Cory Loftis, Elsa Chang, Helen Chen, Joy Ang, Marguerite Sauvage, Natalie Hall and Robert Valley will be exhibiting their masterful line work for all to see. ‘Line Weight III’ opens on January 24 with a reception from 7-9pm; the exhibition will run through February 8.

‘White Monsters’ at Everyday Mooonday


White Monsters opened at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul, Korea on January 9. The show featured 40 different white monsters illuminating through the cold now. These fuzzy monsters are by Mongni Kim.

Fluffyhouse Dyno

Dyno by Fluffyhouse is amaaaaaaazing!! This piece is just for the exhibition, but I’m hoping they will make a smaller vinyl version of this.

TADO Snow Shaman
TADO‘s Snow Shaman is so cute and looks so wise. ‘White Monsters’ runs through February 22. I’m not sure if the pieces are available online but you can try emailing the gallery directly:

“Cute Enemies” Opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland This Saturday 1/17

Joey Chou Cute Enemies

Joey Chou’s Phoenix/Jean Grey is one of the many wonderful pieces you’ll find this Saturday at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! Curated by the charming and talented Tony Bui, “Cute Enemies” is a new group exhibition that celebrates the cute side of villainy.

JanieXY Cute Enemies

Janie XY’s take on Poison Ivy is so darling! The opening reception for “Cute Enemies” takes place this Saturday, January 17 from 6-10pm. Hope to see you all there!

Flower Pepper Gallery ’40 x 400′ Preview

Susie Ghahremani 40 x 400

The VIP preview link for the ’40 x 400′ group exhibition at Flower Pepper Gallery is now available. Password: 1234 [via Mark Todd’s Facebook]

Jared Andrew Schorr 40 x 400

Jared Andrew Schorr

The opening reception takes place on Saturday, January 10 from 6:30-9:30pm. Contact the gallery at 626-795-1895 or if you have any questions.

Flower Pepper Gallery Presents ’40 x 400′


On Saturday, January 10, Flower Pepper Gallery is pleased to present 40 x 400, curated by Mark Todd. For this show, 40 artists were asked to create a piece measuring 8″ x 10″ vertical, and all of the pieces will be priced at $400 each.



Mark Todd says of his inspiration behind the show: “There is something I find interesting about curating a gallery show with a set size restriction. This may sound anti-creative or stifling in some way but I see it as a way to mesh a group of artists together without favoring any one artist. By sharing the same amount of space to explore, the artists are given equal opportunity to have a conversation with the viewer.”

Leo Espinosa

Leo Espinosa

Contributing artists include: Aaron Smith, Amanda Visell, Andrew Brandou, Apak!, Brooks Salzwedel, Calef Brown, Ellen Surrey, Erin Burrell, Evah Fan, Frieda Gossett, Gabe Gonzales, Hellen Jo, Jaime Hernandez, James Chong, Jane Lee, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jed McGowan, Jesse Tise, Jim Houser, Joe Rocco, Joey Chou, Jordin Isip, Leo Espinosa, Loris Lora, Martha Rich, Martin Cendreda, Martin Ontiveros, Michelle Valigura, Pat Roberts, Patrick Hruby, Peter Hamlin, Scott Teplin, Sean Chao, Sean Norvet, Seth Drenner, Shark Toof, Susie Ghahremani, Teresa Watson, Travis Lampe, Wayne Johnson.

Andrew Brandou

Andrew Brandou

’40 x 400′ opens on Saturday, January 10 (6:30 – 10:30pm) and will be on view until February 3. For purchase inquiries or to request a VIP preview, please email