Edwin Ushiro ‘Gathering Whispers’ Solo Show at GR2

Gathering Whispers Edwin Ushiro

On July 12, Giant Robot is proud to present Gathering Whispers — a solo exhibition by Edwin Ushiro. We had the pleasure of meeting Edwin at a GR event a few years ago, and he is truly one of the nicest guys ever. The show  opens with a reception on July 12 and will run through July 30.

Edwin Ushiro’s work contains a sense of nostalgia even for a person who didn’t grow up in Maui. The subjects of his works will range from beautiful, warm, and comfortable. One piece will include a not-so-obvious homage to Super Sentai (like Power Rangers). Kids will be jumping out of a pick-up truck as if they’re embarking on a battle against a kaiju. A piece about a bridge built by Okinawan craftspersons encapsulates ideas of change as it has been a subject of demolition to widen a road for more traffic. Another piece features sparklers which scares off bad spirits.

While we travail through our daily activities, Ushiro’s calming nature comes through in his work and you’ll be enchanted by its ethereal look. His pieces have a look that’s all its own. It spans from drawings taken to digital manipulation, and then back to hand painting for finishing. It’s a laborious process that’s all his own.

Uglycon 2014 Details!

uglycon2014 schedule

Uglycon 2014 takes place tomorrow June 21 from 12-8pm! Here is the event schedule.

uglycon2014 event print

The Uglycon event print by Little Friends of Printmaking will be available at GR2.

uglycon2014 partner locations

Visit the Uglycon Uglydoll Partner Locations: Premiums include signed prints, magnets, and buttons, and each location has its own rules on how you can get their premiums!

uglycon2014 seoul sausage

I’m all about Seoul Sausage’s kalbi poutine. For more event updates, RSVP on the Uglycon 2014 Facebook event page, and join the Uglycon 2014 Facebook group!

UglyCon 2014 Artwork Preview

Flat Bonnie

Flat Bonnie

On Saturday, June 21, Uglycon 2014 will be an all day event (12-8pm) with different events throughout the day. GR2 will feature artwork in a variety of mediums from 2d, to custom plush, to custom vinyl figures from artists around the world. Last year featured different games, prizes, and also tied in the neighborhood with premiums offered at other local businesses in the Sawtelle area. 2014 will do more of the same, but expanded! RSVP on the Facebook event page for updates.

Tiffany Liu

Tiffany Liu

Peter Kato

Peter Kato

Jordan Perme

Jordan Elise

Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu

Game Over ‘Art Inspired by Video Games’ at GR2

Game Over GR2

On June 7 (6:30 – 10:30pm), Giant Robot, Angry Bananas, Destructoid and Meatbun is proud to present GAME OVER – Art Inspired by Games. It’s not just an art exhibition, it’s also a Game Night. Experience, KYOTO WILD by Teddy Diefenbach is a 4 player weapons battle, SCRATCH RACE by Messhof is a one button velodrome racing game, and experience Ben Vance’s THE PACK with Art by Rob Sato.

Game Over GR2 Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu

Game Over GR2 Peter Kato

Peter Kato

Game Over GR2 Theo Ellsworth

Theo Ellsworth

Jeremiah Ketner

Jeremiah Ketner

The show will run through June 18. Artists include: Aaron Brown, Alex Chiu, Andrew Hem, Bert Gatchalian, Brian Luong, Caitlin Anne, Cam Floyd, Candie Bolton, Cassia Lupo, Chris Mostyn, Cory Schmitz, Dan Goodsell, Danni Shinya, Edward Robin Coronel, Elliot Brown, Enky Skulls, Eric Nyquist, Gary Musgrave, Hawk krall, James Kochalka, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, Jesse Tise, Joey Chou, Jon Lau, kaNO kid, Ken Taya, Kenneth Wong, Kerry Horvath, Kevin Luong, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Koshin Finley, Kwanchai Moriya, Leah Chun, Lena Sayadian, Lucky Nakazawa, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Mari Naomi, Mariel Cartwright, Mark Nagata, Martin Hsu, Mike Kuo, Minion Me, Miso, Nick Arciaga, Nidhi Chanani, Omo Cat, Peter Kato, Ray Young Chu, Rina Ayuyang, Roland Tamayo, Ronald J. Llanos, Ryan Crippen, Ryan Jacob Smith, Sana Park, Sara Saedi, Scott Bakal, Sean Norvet, Shawn Cheng, Shiho Nakaza, Shihori Nakayama, Stasia Burrington, Theo Ellsworth, Tyson Hesse, Wayne Johnson + even more.

Yoskay Yamamoto ‘House of Daydreamers’ at GR2

YoskayYamamoto flyercopy

We’re really excited about Yoskay Yamamoto‘s upcoming solo exhibition at GR2. The opening reception of ‘House of Daydreamers’ takes place on Saturday, May 17 from 6:30-10pm. Hope to see you guys there!

Little People Yoskay Yamamoto

Via Giant Robot: Yoskay Yamamoto is a treasure in Los Angeles. As thoughtful and charming as his presence at various exhibitions, he’s also a developed creator. His painted imagery is unmistakable and his 3d work which is often hard carved is whimsical and precious. Yamamoto will be creating numerous flower sculptures along with paintings, and as usual, will create an enchanting installation.

Yoskay Yamamoto GR2

Yoskay Yamamoto was born in Japan, attended school in Santa Barbara, and is a self taught artist living in Los Angeles. Join him and many of his friends at his exhibition reception. Music will be provided by Kalin Charles.

For any additional information of inquiries, feel free to contact Eric Nakamura: eric@giantrobot.com