Giant Robot Presents: Suspects

Giant Robot presents Suspects

On April 5, Giant Robot is proud to present Suspects, a group exhibition featuring featuring Albert Reyes, Sean Chao, KMNDZ, Ray Young Chu, Prodip Leung & Aaron Brown. The opening reception takes place on April 5 from 6:30 – 10 pm, and the show runs through April 23.

GR2 Suspects Sean Chao

Everything Sean Chao creates is magical! To see more preview images, visit Giant Robot on Flickr.

About the show: It’s always difficult to encapsulate the work of six artists who are participating in one exhibition. The theme is that each of them creates characters which ultimately become topics of questions and thoughts, hence, Suspects.

Artists Albert Reyes, KMNDZ, Sean Chao Art, Ray Young Chu and Aaron Brown reside in the LA area, while Prodip Leung hails from Hong Kong. Each approach art from different backgrounds which include graffiti, illustration, music and simple creativity.

GR2: 20 Years Art X Mags Exhibition

GR 20 Years

I remember picking up an issue of Giant Robot Magazine while I was a freshman in college. I immediately thought, “Wow, these are my people!” Not simply because the magazine featured Asian Americans (even though that was a big part of it). I loved GR Magazine because they covered the type of pop culture that I was interested in. Even if what they covered wasn’t really my cup of tea, I could at least say “Huh, that does sounds intriguing.”

[Once I even emailed them to ask if they were looking for a freelance writer. Someone wrote me back to politely decline but the response was so polite that I didn't feel the sting of rejection.]

Now Giant Robot is celebrating their 20 year anniversary with an epic group exhibition, and it opens this Saturday, March 15 (5-10pm) at GR2! If you’re in LA, you better be there!

Edwin Ushiro

Edwin Ushiro

Yoshitomo Nara

Yoshitomo Nara

Shintaro Ohata

Shintaro Ohata

After attending countless Giant Robot openings and events, I definitely know they’re my people. They’re probably your people, too! Come out and show some support to a really great group of artists and friends.

See more preview photos on their Flickr. The artist list includes: Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Ryan McGinness, Rob Sato, Geoff McFetridge, Pete Fowler, kozyndan, Shintaro Ohata, Matt Furie, Albert Reyes, Shizu Saldamando, Souther Salazar, Megan Whitmarsh, Stella Lai, Saelee Oh, Seonna Hong, Adrian Tomine, Amy Davis, Ai Yamaguchi, James Jean, Heisuke Kitazawa, Scott Wilkowski, Jeff Soto, Mari Inukai, Sean Chao, David Horvath, Dehara Yukinori, Luke Chueh, Kohei Yamashita, Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Ako Castuera, Bobby Hundreds, 326, Rachell Sumpter and yes plenty more TBA.

This exhibition will precede the epic SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot at the Oakland Museum of California. April 19 – July 27, 2014.

Katsuya Terada ‘Hot Pot Girls’ at GR2


On October 19, Giant Robot presents ‘Hot Pot Girls‘ – a solo exhibition featuring new works by Katsuya Terada. ‘Hot Pot Girls’ features drawings and paintings, many of which are females wearing a nabe, or hot pot.

terada wip

Terada has been sharing preview images on his Instagram, and they look amazing! An opening reception will take place at GR2 on October 19 from 6:30-10pm.

Artwork from Giant Robot’s “Stories” Now Available


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of “Stories” – a group exhibition featuring Edwin Ushiro,Jen TongJeni YangMartin HsuSean Chao and Tessar Lo. Artwork from this fantastic show is now available online at

Edwin Ushiro, Martin Hsu, Jeni Yang, and Sean Chao attended the opening; Giant Robot posted some photos of the event. Not only are these artists super-talented, they are also amazingly sweet. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Tessar Lo or Jen Tong but I’m convinced that they are equally nice. As a fan, it’s always a great experience to meet artists who are genuinely warm and completely charming. Ok, I’ll stop gushing now… go see their artwork at GR2 through September 4!

Giant Robot Presents: Stories


I’ve been looking forward to this group show since I first heard about it! “Stories” opens at GR2 this Saturday, August 17 at 6:30pm. If you love amazing art by really nice people, you should definitely go! Hope to see you there!

stories edwin ushiro

Edwin Ushiro

Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu

Giant Robot is proud to present Stories, an art show featuring new works by Edwin Ushiro, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Martin Hsu, Sean Chao and Tessar Lo.

The commonality of the artists is simply that they’re operating in a similar art environment although they’re located in different parts of North America. Edwin Ushiro, originally from Hawaii draws sublime imagery that often appear dark in message, yet are at times as light as can be. East Coaster, Jen Tong creates imagery that’s reminiscent of a world that’s something like Miyazaki meeting Moebius. Jeni Yang, a consistent exhibitor at Giant Robot works with wood and imagery that includes both cats and snacks. Martin Hsu, now in San Francisco is the creator of Dragon Boy creates a fantasy world that’s screaming to be animated. Sean Chao creates tiny worlds in diorama form. Tessar Lo, from Toronto draws freely and has honed his style that mixes both composition and abstractness.