“Cute Enemies” Opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland This Saturday 1/17

Joey Chou Cute Enemies

Joey Chou’s Phoenix/Jean Grey is one of the many wonderful pieces you’ll find this Saturday at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! Curated by the charming and talented Tony Bui, “Cute Enemies” is a new group exhibition that celebrates the cute side of villainy.

JanieXY Cute Enemies

Janie XY’s take on Poison Ivy is so darling! The opening reception for “Cute Enemies” takes place this Saturday, January 17 from 6-10pm. Hope to see you all there!

Sneak Preview: “Cute Enemies” at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland


Who knew that villainy could be so cute?! On January 17 (6-10pm), come out to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and see your favorite villains at “Cute Enemies,” a group exhibition curated by Tony Bui.

Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly

Dela Longfish

Dela Longfish

Tony Bui Magneto

Tony Bui

You do not want to miss this show! Participating artists include: Lauren Andrews, Patrick Ballestreros, Natalie Borjorquez, Tony Bui, Joey Chou, Ryan Hungerford, Matt Kaufenberg, Megan Kelly, Christopher Lee, Dela Longfish, Nikki Lukas Longfish, Jerome Lu, Phil Mamuyac, Wayne B. Medina, Nino Navarra, Joey Spiotto, Tracy Tubera, Alden Viguilla, Mike Villamejor, Jeff Victor, Miguel Wilson, and Janie XY.

Supahcute 2014 Recap

Supahcute Kaiju Artists2

As I look back at 2014, I realize that it was a very good year filled with good times and new adventures. In January, I curated Supahcute Kaiju Show, the first of three group art shows at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. It was the first show that I released an exclusive t-shirt, designed by Jerrod Maruyama.

Supahcute Science Fair Opening 1

March marked the opening of Supahcute Science Fair, a kid-friendly show that combined art and science. We were happy to see that both kids and adults enjoyed the exhibition.

wondercon 2014 supahcute vanessa ramirez

Earlier in the year, I asked Vanessa Ramirez if she wanted to share a booth at WonderCon. She said no. But I forgot she said no and decided to get a booth anyway. In April, we exhibited at our first ever WonderCon and that was both fun and nerve-wracking. This also marked Orbital Ox‘s debut as an artist!

doggie wonderland may 2014

In May, Leanna and I co-curated Doggie Wonderland, an art show benefit that raised money for Ken-Mar Small Dog Rescue. The turn-out was better than we anticipated, and all of the artists raised money for a great cause!


Summerland Movie Club “A Tribute to Our Favorite Summer Movies” opened in July, and that opening event was so much fun!

Hello Kitty Con 2014 Supahcute

October was all about the first-ever Hello Kitty Con, and we had the best time ever!!!

designercon 2014

Our final event of 2014 was Designer Con, where we launched our burgercorn resin figures by Orbital Ox and Vanessa Ramirez. We sold out of the mini-burgercorns and sold the remaining large figures later this year.

Whew! As 2014 comes to an end, here’s a quick look at what’s coming up for Supahcute in 2015:

  • My next group art show – Supahcute Kaiju Show 2: Cuter, Better, Fatter, Stronger – opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on March 14.
  • WonderCon 2015 (hopefully)
  • Another group show scheduled at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for September/October. Details to come…
  • Burgercorns v2.0
  • Designer Con 2015 (hopefully)
  • Supahcute x Orbital Ox comic/zine collaboration

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Tony Bui Presents ‘Cute Enemies’ at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland


Get ready for Leanna Lin’s Wonderland first group art exhibition of 2015! On Saturday, January 17, Tony Bui presents Cute Enemies ‘A group show celebrating the cute side of villainy.’ The opening event takes place at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on January 17 from 6-10pm, and the show runs through February 22.


Check Out These Available Pieces at Holiday Art Bazaar!

Leanna Lins Wonderland Holiday Art Bazaar

Currently showing at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland is Holiday Art Bazaar, with original pieces from past art shows, including Supahcute Kaiju Show, Supahcute Science Fair, Doggie Wonderland, and more! Artists include: Allison Koberstein, Audrey Miller, Cameron Garland, catmandru!, CJ Metzger, Genevieve Santos, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jesse Tise, Leslie Levings, Liz Adams, Locketship, Lyla Warren, Shing Yin Khor, Michael Fleming, Misha Lulu, My Zoetrope, Orbital Ox, Rhodora Jacobs , Ryan Shaw, Tyler Parker, Vanessa Ramirez, and Varinya Nunez. Plus see new works by Horrible Adorables & Yeti and Friends!


A few of Lyla Warren’s sea urchin seedlings from The Dubious Expedition are still looking for good homes.


Everyone loves Horrible Adorables, and much of the work is quite affordable.


“Kaiju Chase” by Genevieve Santos was one of my favorite pieces from Supahcute Kaiju Show, and it is still available! See all of the pieces at Holiday Art Bazaar online!