Last Week to See Supahcute Kaiju Show 2!

Supahcute Kaiju 2 Gallery

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 closes this Sunday, April 26! Catch all of these cute kaiju before they’re gone forever!!


KUPA by Peter Kato


The Early Years Print by Luke Flowers; framed print still available.


RAWR! by Allison Koberstein


Night Beams by Andrea Kang


The Sock Monster Print by Kristen ‘Hapa’ Lau; framed print still available.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 at NELAart Gallery Night

Supahcute Kaiju 2 Gallery

Did you miss the opening reception of Supahcute Kaiju Show 2? On Saturday, April 11, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland will stay open until 10pm in conjunction with NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night. See all of the amazing artwork in person!

Leanna Lin's Wonderland Exterior

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 will be at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through April 26. There are some great pieces still available, so don’t miss out!

Revenge of the Derpy Dino for Supahcute Kaiju Show 2


SaoZen created two epic plush diorama sets for Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 – the first is called “Revenge of the Derpy Dino.”

SaoZen Supahcute Kaiju Show 2

Artist Sao De La Vega says that she started with the derpy dino, but she decided the piece needed “more destruction.” As she worked on the set pieces, her boyfriend Loren wanted to know why the building didn’t have a face. That’s why she created the saddest building ever.


She also created a sequel piece called “Night of the Rise of the Revenge of the Derpy Dino 2: The Sequel.” Who says that the sequel can’t be as great as the first one?


Both SaoZen pieces sold on opening night, but you must visit Leanna Lin’s Wonderland to see them in person. Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 runs through April 26, and you can see remaining pieces online.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 Artwork Now Online!

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2

Thanks to everyone who braved the heat to attend the opening of Supahcute Kaiju Show 2: Cuter, Better, Fatter, Stronger last night! It’s always great to see old friends and to make new ones.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 left

The show is now available online! Many pieces sold on opening night, but plenty of great pieces are still available.

Supahcute Kaiju Show 2 right

The show will be at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through April 26! More photos of the gallery wall and from the opening reception will be posted soon.