Vanessa Ramirez for Bewitching 5 at Stranger Factory


Bernard loves Halloween, but he is not pleased with his costume. Bernard is the latest original sculpture by Vanessa Ramirez, and you can find him at Bewitching 5, the annual Halloween group show at Stranger Factory.


Bewitching 5 will open this Friday, October 2 with a reception from 6-9pm. The exhibition will be display through October 31. Inquiries can contact

Vanessa Ramirez at Plein Air & More Art Festival

Plein Air Art Festival

Today marks the opening of the 7th Annual Plein Air & More Festival. Featuring the works of nearly 40 artists, this event involves all of the galleries in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Archimedes Gallery will feature the works of Jo Lundberg, Lori LaBissioniere, Emma SanCartier (OddFauna), and Vanessa Ramirez.

Filbert Vanessa Ramirez

Vanessa will debut a new monster series called The Berts. Meet Filbert. Lunch time is his favorite time. He gets to eat sandwiches and sit on his thinking stool. He isn’t attached to the stool; he just sits on it.

Herbert Vanessa Ramirez

Meet Herbert. He’s an anxious little fellow. A nice hug and a little snack will help put him at ease. The snack is important.

Herbert back

Like all of the Berts, Herbert has a cute mohawk and tail! If you’re interested in these monsters, send an email to

The Berts by Vanessa Ramirez

Gilbert Vanessa Ramirez

Earlier this week, I told you about The Berts, new monsters by Vanessa Ramirez debuting at Archimedes Gallery during the Plein Air & More Festival. This one is named Gilbert, and he is kind of a worrier and over thinker.

Dilbert Vanessa Ramirez

Meet Dilbert. He is never nude. Vanessa tried to explain to him that he’s basically a ken doll but if his tighty whities make him happy so be it.

In love with these monsters? Send an email to