how supah cute got started

I used to blog here, and I write used to write about designer toys here.

For a while, my boyfriend and close friends had been encouraging me to start my own site. I told my boyfriend I don’t want to write about just toys. I love collecting them and all, but that’s not the only thing I’m about.

“Well, what do you want to write about?”

“I want to geek out about toys, arts, movies, comics, and just anything that I consider cool or nerdy.”

“Then do that! Call it Super Fresh or something.”

*angel choir*

So Super Fresh became supah fresh. I tossed the ideas to my girlfriends and they loved it. supah fresh became supah cute, and it became

So here I am, and here you are. It’s still new, and I’m just getting started. I don’t have a logo, and I don’t have a fancy site. I’m not a graphics person so bear with me. Get comfortable, and join me for the ride.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

18 thoughts on “how supah cute got started”

  1. awesome!!! i love it.

    you know what would be cool? if you had a landing page with a pic of your room and if you click on the plushies, it takes you to your plushies page and a pic of CDs and it takes you to music, etc. you know what i mean, right? that would be awesome.

    well, it doesn’t have to be YOUR room, obvi, but you know what i’m saying, right???

    anyway, this’ll be fun. :D

    i’ll put this on my google reader :D hehe.


  2. wow, that was fast. i was tinkering with the layout and i saw the comment notification. who’s commenting already? :)

    that would be an awesome idea. dang, i wish i had some web design skills. maybe i can figure out how to do that later.

    thanks for the first comment! :D


  3. I have no idear what is going on but I’m down!
    I like the supahfresh… I keep hearing “so fresh and so clean clean”

    Cool by association…


  4. Word. Every thing’s looking good. However, I think this site is missing a “Machine Girl” review. Also, I think you should hire two or three other writers to write about five different posts a day that all cover the same f*cking thing. Make sure they write in the most obnoxious form of urban black-speak too. Kidding.

    Hey, do me a favor, even though I don’t personally know you – if you go to Comic Con 2009, can you pick up a print for me by an artist I like?

    All that being said…CONGRATS! Things are looking great.


  5. I did have a Machine Girl review on my vox, but I might have to import it here.

    I just snorted while reading your comment. I think that’s a first for me. :)

    And thanks for your support. :)


  6. Hi Hana!
    ‘Bout time you got your own site!
    It’s lookin’ GOOD.
    Good thing I’m so bored I looked at Twitter and saw your announcement.
    I’m on hiatus from Vox–may make it permanent but I’ll bookmark you.


    (Caprica on Vox)


  7. Hey Cyn, so glad to see you again. Thanks for visiting my new site! Miss ya on vox, but you can find me here from now on. :)


  8. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site today. I forgoted how I came across this already (and it was only 15 mins ago), but I’m glad. It makes me melt inside.

    I’m an incredible sucker for all things cute. I have a feeling every time I visit my brain will seize up from all the cuteness and I’ll start forgetting things, like my own name.


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