Glass House Swap Meet: Recap

This is the best thing I bought at the Glass House Swap Meet: plush onigiris by Susuten. They’re both supah adorable and well-crafted. The handmade plushies were 2 for $30.

We also bought this onigiri keychain. So cute! You can find more of them at Susuten’s etsy shop.

Overall the Glass House Swap Meet was just okay. We arrived around 9:50, and the line stretched around the block. There were a lot of teenagers there, and some of them were there with the parents. I don’t think my parents would have driven me all the way out to Pomona. Lucky bastards.

The line started moving around 10:05, and we got inside the doors around 10:50. It was ridiculously hot, and we got beat down by the Pomona heat. When we got inside the venue, we saw a row of booths with hand-made plushies, art, and clothes. The main room had the big vendors.

Kidrobot had a looooong line of people waiting to buy bags and apparel. I was tired of standing in line so I headed to the tiny Paul Frank area. It was just a row of boxes that you had to dig through. The PF vultures picked through most of the good stuff, and mostly the Small sizes were left. However, I was able to buy a t-shirt and hoodie for $20. Awesome deal.

We circled the main room for a bit but didn’t find anything we wanted. He got some Gloomy Bear keychains from Japan LA but that was it. As we were leaving, we bought a bunch of cookies from Freshly Baked. We’ve had their cookies at roller derby events, and they are really delicious.

So I’m glad I found some new plushies, and it was cool to walk around. I don’t think it was worth the time and effort to get there. You’d have to get there an hour or two before it opens to get the best stuff. I don’t know if I have the energy to do that.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

8 thoughts on “Glass House Swap Meet: Recap”

  1. lol. I love onigiris!! those are too freakin cute.
    I’m having some nigirimeshi right now… I grabbed some from Famima on my way to work. I love that store.

    I like the selections at susuten’s etsy shop.

    I love supahcute.. you have the best stuff on here


  2. lisa: you still have an open Famima near you? they close and then pop up in different locations. i don’t think they’ve made it to the OC yet.

    i love onigiris, too. i love the real stuff and the fake ones. hehe. and awwww, thanks!!

    grrrace: i think i found a new favorite plushie artist. :D

    tardis: ugh. i hate pomona. no offense to those who live there by choice.


  3. there were very few toy vendors and the rest were apparel and crafts.

    we stopped at our favorite dumpling place in Arcadia on the way back. so the day wasn’t a complete bust. oh yeah and i enjoyed my Freshly Baked cookies. :)


  4. the onigiri plushies look so happy in their new home! thanks again for adopting them! I find a lot of inspiration from onigiri…I have a series of animal plushies called “Rice Ball Pets (Onigiri Petto)” :D


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