Monster Parade with Ed Emberley

I adore this print by Ed Emberley. Created exclusively for Cloudy CollectionMonster Parade is a four-layer, 8″x10″ letterpress print that comes in a custom folder, with metallic silver printing on black paper. Each of the prints and folders in the edition of 250 is hand-numbered on the back. Now available for $100 here.

Cloudy Collection also has a Monster Parade print set – also available on the same site:

Ed Emberley and fourteen of his biggest fans have also created set of screen prints, also titled Monster Parade. All 15 four-color images are on 4″x6″ paper, and come wrapped in a custom, die-cut, letterpress slipcase, printed in purple. The colors on the prints are matched to Ed Emberley’s wonderful Make-a-World book, in green, blue, red, and black. This edition is limited to 100 hand-numbered sets, and includes art by Ed Emberley, his daughter Rebecca EmberleyS. BrittTad CarpenterMaura ClutheBecky DreistadtBob FlynnMeg HuntDavid HuyckJohn MartzCaleb NeelonHeather RossSouther Salazar,Bwana Spoons, and Nate Wragg. And don’t miss the bonus fold-out print by Cloudy Collection curator, David Huyck.

You can buy the Monster Parade set on its own for $100, or combine it with Ed Emberley’s print for $170.

Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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