San-X Rilakkuma Re-Ment Miniature Sets

I’m trying not to collect Re-Ments, since I don’t need another addiction. But these may break my willpower. Sugoilife just received the new San-X Rilakkuma Re-Ment Miniature Sets. (The prices listed are for the entire set which includes every item in that particular series.) This one is the Slow Time Cooking set.

Here is the Petite Restaurant set.

This set is called Chocolate Cafe. I love them all, and I wish someone would make me Rilakkuma food!

To see more Re-Ments, visit Sugoilife.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

4 thoughts on “San-X Rilakkuma Re-Ment Miniature Sets”

  1. Mary: I wish real food was that cute!

    Stephanie: At first I thought the price was per box, and almost fell on the floor. You are getting the entire set, but yeah, it’s definitely not a cheap addiction.

    Crystal: Thanks for sharing the link! :)


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