Kookizu Giveaway!

I just received this Gumballa beaded bracelet by Kookizu, and it’s my new favorite thing. So cute! And I really love the fact that it’s adjustable and can fit on my puny wrist.

Kookizu also sent me this Kitty Kei necklace

and this hand-painted laser engraved birch plywood necklace!

Time for a giveaway! To enter, visit Kookizu’s online shop and tell me what item is supahcute to you! I will pick 2 random winners, and the first name I pick will get first choice. The runner-up receives the remaining necklace.

Giveaway ends midnight PST on Sunday, February 26.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

25 thoughts on “Kookizu Giveaway!”

  1. I asked my daughter to choose. She said she like the Happy Snap Camera necklace. Well, she only 7y/o loves to take pictures of anything.. a budding photographer! :)

    Thank you for the chance!


  2. It’s soooo hard to choose just one…but I have to say the Hanging Bat Necklace is my favourite…

    Thank you for the chance.


  3. bunny and carrot! hehe. ooh, and the skull and crossbones ring. hehe. ooh! narwhal stuff, too! and ninja necklace. and wooden stars studs.

    was i only supposed to pick one? :D


  4. There is so much in Kookizu shop that is Kawaii! It was hard to choose. But I finally made a decision on the bright charm bracelet as my fav! Thank you for this giveaway.


  5. Why did I not know about Kookizu sooner? So many cute things!
    I like the Gumbella bracelet.. Rainbow tube earrings, wooden star earrings.. Paperchain necklace.. I didn’t see that ghost one you have there, but I like that too! :D


  6. Hello!

    I love your neckalces! I have three of them. A gift from my boyfriend and one from his sister. I especially love the kitty one with the fish bone <3 It is so super adorable and so Japanese-ish haha. I also love the bracelet.. Its a tied up there with the kitty necklace! Ahhh i love them all haha <3


  7. Hard choice and I think it might be a tie between the Kokeshi necklace and the tea cup earrings :) But its all so cute! Thanks for this opportunity!


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