WonderGround Gallery Opening Events

Jared Andrew Schorr

As I mentioned previously, the WonderGround Gallery opens at Downtown Disney on Saturday, June 9. Some of the art pieces have been previewed here, and the others will be revealed at the opening.

Matthew Hawkins

Artist Signing Schedule for June 9:
11 am – 1pm
Brigette Barrager, J. Scott Campbell, Martin Hsu, Amy Mebberson, Miss Mindy,
Noah, Genevieve Santos, Lyla Warren

3 pm – 5pm
Stacey Aoyama, Sean Chao, Sean D’Anconia, Danny Handke, Jerrod Maruyama, Michelle Romo, Jared Andrew Schorr, Frank Svengsouk

Additional details from Disney: Guests may line up for the Grand Opening of the WonderGround Gallery on June 9, 2012 behind the Rainforest Cafe. In addition, beginning at 7am, wristbands will be distributed for the Vinylmation™ 95 releases in conjunction with the WonderGround Gallery Grand Opening. We ask that you please not line up prior to 6am. Wristbands are limited. Limits will apply. Merchandise not guaranteed. All information subject to change without notice.

Update: a note from Genevieve Santos about the wristband line: “I called the Disney folks & found out you don’t need them and you really really don’t need to do that. The event is open to the public, and the wristbands/waiting are for the Vinylmation collectors. So just show up :)”


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