Satoshi – The Last Salaryman by Dehara Yukinori

Whenever Dehara Yukinori has a solo show at GR2, count me in! 2010 was the year of The Jizo, and 2011 featured a World Wide Panty Flash. On June 30, Giant Robot presents Satoshi – The Last Salaryman, featuring new sculptures and more by Dehara Yukinori.

Here is a little context for the show: The Salaryman in Japan, is an underpaid and understated workforce who work long hours and have forged a lifestyle that is strongly responsible for the economic miracle of post World War 2 Japan. Today they wander the streets after their long day, drinking and frolicking until they head home to their family, only to face the same thing the following day. Satoshi is this person but has a friend, a beast named Morlin.

The opening reception takes place at GR2 on Saturday, June 30 from 6:30-10pm. On Sunday July 1, tGR2 will host a “talk show” from 3-4pm and a clay modeling workshop from 4-5pm.

Show Run: June 30 – July 25, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 30 (6:30-10pm)


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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