Yumiko Kayukawa Solo Show at LeBasse Projects

On September 8, LeBasse Projects (Culver City) presents “Hakuryuu” featuring new works by Yumiko Kayukawa. I still remember her last solo show at La Luz, and I’m excited to her new works. This will be her first solo exhibition with LeBasse Projects.

Via LeBasse Projects: “In reaction to the devastating earthquake that hit Japan in 2011, Yumiko Kayukawa explores personal coping mechanisms in the aftermath of an unforgettably painful event. Like many others, Kayukawa finds herself feeling helpless and still grieving for her native country. The show title, ‘Hakuryuu – White Dragon’ symbolizes an omen of good fortune. It is through the new paintings that the artist pushes themes of optimism and good fortune, hoping it will help send a positive message in the aftermath of such tragedy.”

I love when she includes baby tigers in her paintings! “Hakuryuu” opens with a reception on September 8 from 6-9pm, and the exhibition will run through October 6.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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