Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Mini Series 2 Preorder (and Giveaway!)

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Mini Series 2 is now available for preorder, and creator Matt JOnes generously sent me a few. I really wanted one of the “Bubble Teas,” so I was thrilled to get the Plum Bubble Tea. The mini tea is so adorable, and I love the packaging the goes with it. You can rest your mini tea on the lid!

The new series comprises of 12 Fresh Flavours, 4 Special Brews & 1 Super Rare Collectors Tea.
Each figure stands 2.5” tall and is accompanied by:Tea Bag booklet, Collectors Card and the all important Tea Token! Collect all 19 tokens, and claim this Super Rare Collectors Tea. (Only 200 signed and numbered pieces are available.)

Also available for preorder is this Loose Tea B.I.Y Brew-it-yourself version.

Giveaway time!! ONE random winner will win a Loose Tea and a Single Tea (blindbox) from Mini Tea Series 2. Leave me a comment with your favorite tea from the Mini Series 2. Contest will close at midnight PST on Friday, September 14.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

52 thoughts on “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea – Mini Series 2 Preorder (and Giveaway!)”

  1. Definitely more than 1 I love! Camomile (Cause its such a funky colour combination & I actually love drinking that!) / High Tea / Organik / Star Cup / Shrrom / Wild Shroom / Mono Earl (all the above for the colours!) Too difficult to decide Favourite!!!


  2. My favourite is the licker! It’s a mash up of 2 of Matts best characters. Hoping to see “Ralph” in the next series! I like mono grey aswell, simple but super cool!


  3. It’s so hard to pick! I like 6 of the flavors in the 2nd series… I even like the Loose Tea… >w<
    I will say that my favorite is.. Midnight, just because it's in the special brew. :P


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