Sea Elves by le animalé and Jessica Swift

Sea Elves are miniature loch ness messengers of universal energy. When each sea elf is born, he is assigned a human. The sole responsibility of that sea elf is to listen to your wishes & needs and over time, manifest the perfect energy that he can one day deliver to you when you choose to call on him. When you do call on your sea elf, the power of serendipity and mystery is conjured up, and you invite the energy of the universe into your life.

Sea Elves bring 1 of 13 different energies: Strength, Patience, Creativity, Happiness, Good Luck, Exploration, Motivation, Clarity, Peace, Confidence, Transformation, Trust, Healing. The energy your sea elf holds is a surprise until you open the box. We could all use some positive energy in our lives!

Sea Elves are a collaboration between le animalé and Jessica Swift. Each one is lovingly handmade– sculpted by le animalé, cast in pewter, and then colorfully painted by Jessica –and signed by both artists. Sea Elves are currently available on Etsy, Jessica’s site, and le animalé’s site. Read more about the Sea Elves came to life here.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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