Yummy Pancake Giveaway!

A pharmaceutical project manager by day and uber crafter by night, Yummy Pancake creates cute amigurumi plushies from her own designs. Jigglypuff is one of her adorable pieces and is a one-of-a-kind. She made it, didn’t jot down the pattern, and doesn’t plan on making another one. Your only chance at owning Jigglypuff is this giveaway!

To enter, all you have to do is: Like Yummy Pancake on Facebook AND leave a comment on this post telling me that you did. If you’re already Yummy Pancake’s Facebook fan, simply leave me a comment about why you want Jigglypuff! Giveaway ends midnight PST on Friday, December 7.

Note: you have to enter your email address in order to leave a comment. I do not collect email addresses, and the only time I will use anyone’s email address is to contact the winner. Good luck!


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

23 thoughts on “Yummy Pancake Giveaway!”

  1. It’s so cute ^^ as we don’t have such cute things in Europe it would be A nice souvenir when I leave Asia next year ^*


  2. Liked :)

    My first year teaching (1999 ) I kept getting little hand drawn pictures of this cute character. They were left anonymously and I was taken aback because I teach 8th grade. Then I got little toys that were about an inch tall. Sometimes I would get a note with a small picture. It was always so sweet to get this surprises. They seemed to come on days when I was having a rough time of it, but really I didn’t see any pattern. After the third time I asked one of my classes what the character was and learned that it was JigglyPuff and learned about its characteristics. Finally, on the last day of school at the culmination ceremony my student, Frank, handed me a gift bag. He asked me to open it then and there. I was a 8 inch figurine of JigglyPuff. I was sort of shocked. Frank was the one student that I’d battle with throughout the year. Chasing him down when he didn’t finish a project, keeping him in to force him to finish his work for my class and other work for his other subjects. I cannot tell you how many times that first year I ended up frustrated or sad or both when dealing with Frank. Well, fast forward all these years later, Frank is grown. He was the first in his family to attend and graduate college (UCLA, like me) and is doing very well indeed. On the last day of school he explained that he left those things on days when he knew he was being difficult and every time he felt like I didn’t give up on him, he wanted to let me know that he appreciated it.

    So, JigglyPuff in near and dear to me.

    Besides which, Yummy Cupcake has made such an adorable JigglyPuff :)


  3. I just followed her. I absolutely LOOOOOVE finding other crafters. I love seeing things people create. I’m so glad I found her :) Thanks for this giveaway :)


  4. Like I always tell you I wish I had your talent! So love all your pieces…by the way I liked your page cause you are AWESOME!!!


  5. I have always admired Mr. Toastee whom I’ve seen around. Some of my friends have him. I’ll be purchasing mine very soon. I admire yummy pancake’s work. It’s beautiful and fun.

    This jiggly puff has so much sentimental value to me as it is so beloved by my littler sister. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of means to get up and go get a jiggly puff. She has one but its the fake one that my parents bought her in Mexico and its old as heck. My sister loved pokeman and still does. Her favorite character is jiggly puff and I know having this specially made and cared for jiggly puff will certainly bring a smile to her face. I also know that she will cherish this awesome jiggly puff forever.

    By the way, when she was little (shes an adult now) she was so annoying singing the damn jiggly puff song! I try not to remind her of it as I know she’ll bust out into song!!!

    Great now I have it in my head! Jiggly puff! Jiggly puff! Jiggly puff!! Damn it!

    :) thanks!


  6. Jiggly Puff is my favorite Pokemon. It’s ironic because my kids and I were just driving home from dance and we were talking which Pokemon we would have if we could only have one. My daughter wants sudowoodo, and my sons want squirtle and dragonite. I said jiggly puff so that I could put all my enemies to sleep. We love yummypancake. :)


  7. I just went and liked Yummy Pancake.

    Her Jigglypuff is so adorable and I can remember when Pickachu & co were all the rage and discussion!


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