Repost: A Very Beastlies Christmas Story

beastlies xmas

One day two Beastlies discovered a Beastlie ornament hanging from a Christmas tree. They had never seen a Beastlie ornament before and invited him to hang out.

beastlies xmas2

First, they checked out all the beautiful presents under the tree. The lack of thumbs made opening them impossible so they moved on.

beastlies xmas3

“There’s this place called Trader Joe’s, and they make these amazing cookies called Peppermint Joe Joe’s!!”

beastlies xmas4

“And this is how you eat a cookie! OM NOM NOM NOM!!”

beastlies xmas5

The Beastlies soon discovered their love of adult beverages. “I don’t know what vodka is, but it’s freaking delicious!!”

beastlies xmas6

Knute didn’t quite care for the flavor, but he finished the rest anyway.

beastlies xmas7

They decided to read each other a bedtime story. Unfortunately, none of them knew how to read so Knute turned the pages after an appropriate pause.

beastlies xmas8

After a long night, they decided to take the Beastlie ornament home.

beastlies xmas9

Knute didn’t know why the tree made him uneasy. But it did.

beastlies xmas10

“Well, that was fun. But there’s no place like home!”

Thanks to my friend Grace for participating in the photo shoot and providing the Christmas tree, standing Beastlie, and Beastlie ornament. Knute is my Beastlie. Also, thanks to Leslie Levings for creating these wonderful Beastlies!! See full size photos here. Originally posted 12/19/10.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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