My Milk Toof Book 2 + The Art of My Milk Toof

my milk toof book 2

My Milk Toof recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, and Inhae Lee has some wonderful news for fans. The new My Milk Toof Book 2 will be released May 2013.

This time around I have decided to independently publish the book, which has been a great experience. Although there is much more work to manage on my end, I have enjoyed the process and creative control that accompanies self-publishing- And hopefully that will equal a really great book you will all love even more. The new book will only be available for sale on the My Milk Toof shop site. More info to come!

. . . I am proud to announce my first art show, THE ART OF MY MILK TOOF, here in San Francisco, California. The show will take place from April 6 – May 1 at the Rare Device Gallery, and will feature high-quality framed prints from some of my favorite ickle and Lardee Adventures (including some from the new book)! I will be at the opening reception on Saturday with a handful of advanced copies of the new Book 2 for purchase- one month before they release on the shop site. So save the date, and I will have more information to come in the weeks ahead.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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