Supah Mashup Art Party: Genevieve Santos + Fat Rabbit Farm

supah mashup genevieve santos fat rabbit farm

Fans of this blog will already recognize the double dose of cuteness in these preview images. I’m honored to have Genevieve Santos and Fat Rabbit Farm combining their adorable art styles for Supah Mashup Art Party!

supah mashup fat rabbit farm genevieve santos

Their joint pieces feature a fun mix of digital illustration and watercolor. Patty Variboa of Fat Rabbit Farm says: When we first started brainstorming the pieces we instantly knew we wanted to have both of our elephants characters involved. We focused on Peanut, our little trickster elephant, and Genevieve used her style of cute elephant and added in a summer’s staple – ice cream! We really wanted the pieces to be playful, colorful and with a cute twist of tricksy-ness. And I think we did just that!

supah mashup genevieve santos

Here is a sneak preview of one of Genevieve’s solo pieces. Now I’m craving ice cream! In addition to collaborative artwork, Supah Mashup Art Party will also feature individual art by some of the artists.

Supah Mashup Art Party – A Celebration of Cute Collaborative Art – opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 11 with an opening reception from 6-10 pm. Genevieve Santos will be there, and we expect a Fat Rabbit Farm sighting as well!

Sign up for the Art Gallery Preview List; be sure to check the “special sneak peek” box before subscribing. Visit my Flickr to see more preview images.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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