More from Jerrod Maruyama + Jared Andrew Schorr

jared andrew schorr spirited away

Jerrod Maruyama and Jared Andrew Schorr pay tribute to Studio Ghibli in their joint and solo pieces for Supah Mashup Art Party. Here is a sneak preview of Jared’s individual piece for the show.

jerrod maruayama princess mononoke

And here’s your first look at Jerrod’s solo piece. In addition to these individual pieces, they will have three collaborative piece in the show. I shared sneak peeks of two of their joint pieces yesterday,  but you’ll have to wait until the opening to see the final one!

Jerrod describes how they worked together: We both had pieces in the opening WonderGround show at Downtown Disney. I was already a fan of his work and was thrilled to meet him in person. I have such admiration for what he does. Such meticulous and beautiful work, his pieces draw you in. So, when the idea came up to collaborate, I jumped at the chance to work with him. Our styles are very different and my first thought was that I should adjust my work to match his. That quickly proved to be the wrong approach. Instead, I did what I do best and he did what he does best. The result is a coming together of two distinct styles. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with the results.

Sign up for the Art Gallery Preview List here; be sure to check the “special sneak peek” box before subscribing. Visit my Flickr to see more preview images.

Supah Mashup Art Party – A Celebration of Cute Collaborative Art – opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 11 with an opening reception from 6-10 pm.


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