Supah Mashup Art Party: Susie Ghahremani + Irene Stone

susie and irene

The concept for Supah Mashup Art Party was inspired by “EXTINCTION”, a collaboration between Susie Ghahremani and Irene Stone. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Susie and Irene will be continuing their project for this show!

tiny bog turtle

About the collaboration: Our collaborative project aims to harmonize both form and subject by using a virtually “extinct” craft to revive extinct animals. For the show, cross-stitched portraits are handcrafted by Irene Stone based upon original drawings & paintings by Susie Ghahremani of extinct and endangered animals. Some of the extinct and endangered animals portrayed include the baiji dolphin, t-rex, thylacine, wooly mammoth and tiny bog turtles.

Susie & Irene are friends who share a love of many things. The collaboration was the result of many long conversations over tea and cribbage about two of their favorite subjects: animals & making art.


Supah Mashup Art Party opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 11 (6-10pm). Visit my Flickr to see more preview images.

Both Susie and Irene will attend the opening reception, and Susie will be signing copies of her picture book What Will Hatch? And if you buy a copy at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on opening night, you’ll receive a free poster, too!


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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