Supah Mashup Art Party: Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb (are friends)!

Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb (are friends)!

Ahoy there!! The Pie-Rat is your first look at a fun collaboration by Lana Crooks and Steff Bomb. I’ve been dying of curiosity after seeing their WIP, and now we know what this talented duo has been up to! They’ve combined their plush talents with their love of pie for some fabulous pieces.

Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb (are friends)!

These pies are definitely haunted, and the ghosts are glow in the dark! In addition to these two plush pieces, Lana and Steff also have an illustration set that would be perfect for any pie enthusiast. View more preview images on my Flickr.

About the collaboration: The Pie-Rat was actually something we started a while back when we shared a studio space. We have always wanted to do the Steff & Lana are friends show, so this was pretty darn fun. Basically everything we created for this show was the result of long nights in the studio, laughing at something and then having it somehow become pie related. Just last night we came up with a whole food theme-park, so who knows what will happen! We also did some sketching at a pie shop for the show because we are serious artists, that are also adults, who can totally eat a pie and a biscuit for dinner.

Yay pie!! Supah Mashup Art Party opens at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 11. In honor of Lana and Steff, I’ll have to bring some pie-related snacks to the opening party!

To view and purchase pieces before the show opens, sign up for the Art Gallery Preview List. (Be sure to check the “special sneak peek” box before subscribing.) The preview list will be sent to subscribers on May 10.


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