Supah Mashup Art Party: catmandru! & Loretta So

catmandru & loretta so

This unfinished piece is your first look at one of two collaborative works by catmandru! and Loretta So. Loretta started drawing at young age and is heavily influenced by manga and anime as well as the Final Fantasy series. After college where she studied fashion design, she started commissioning and freelancing as a fashion sketch artist. catmandru! is a self-taught artist in the Bay area who draws inspiration from his two bengal cats, Satine and Aspen. You can find his latest doodles on his Facebook page.

catmandru! describes how their collaboration came to be: I met Loretta a few years ago through work. It was only by chance that I saw some of her artwork through her Facebook page that I realized she had an artistic background. I had actually reached out to her a year ago regarding a collaboration but conflicting schedules and events made it difficult. Earlier this year, Supahcute finally gave us the platform to make this collaboration into fruition.

You’ll have to wait until opening night to see their finished pieces! The preview list will be sent to subscribers on May 10, so sign up for the Art Gallery Preview List today.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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