Meet catmandru! at Supah Pop-Up


Andrew Uy aka catmandru! is an illustrator who combines the two loves of his life, doodling and animals, into adorable artwork. This album on catmandru!’s Facebook page showcases his fans’ real-life pets.


On Saturday, June 8, drop by the Supah Pop-Up event at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and commision a pet portrait from catmandru! Bring a photo of your pet and order a one-of-a-kind portrait of your best friend. Or you can even bring your pet to meet the artist! Commissions taken at the event will be shipped to you from the artist.

For the animal lovers who don’t own pets, catmandru! will also have prints available for sale. (Supah Pop-Up artists will be selling their works directly to attendees, so please bring cash!) RSVP on the Facebook event page.

catmandru-tigers to love

catmandru-ready for flight

catmandru’s collaborations with Loretta So for Supah Mashup Art Party are still available at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. To inquire, please email


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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