New Beastlie Jewelry Available at Supah Pop-Up!


Hope you’re keeping track of all the great stuff that’ll be happening at Supah Pop-Up tomorrow! Join us at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for an evening filled with live art, a book signing, and much more!

beastlies pins and pendants

By now, you already know that Leslie Levings will be live sculpting Beastlies during the event. Not only will she bring a few Beastlies and prints to sell at Supah Pop-Up, but she’ll also something brand-new: laser-engraved wooden Beastlie jewelry!!

Via Leslie’s Tumblr:

I’ve got the two designs you see above, each in either a 1.5” pendant or a 2” pin. This event is your only chance to get these before Comic-Con (I won’t be selling them online until sometime after that).

You will not want to miss this event! RSVP on the Facebook event page, or just stop by tomorrow (6-10pm)! We’ll have free mini-donuts by The Donut Snob and free Jarritos. Plus we’ll have fun goodie bags for those who purchase from the Supah Pop-Up artists.


Author: Supahcute

Art Blogger • Curator at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

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