The Adventure Time Encylopaedia Book Release Party at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

The Adventure Time Encylopaedia

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is hosting an Adventure Time Super Event on Saturday, August 3 from 3-10pm. Celebrate the launch of The Adventure Time Encylopaedia with Martin and Olivia Olson, Tony Millionaire, Pendleton Ward, and Tom Kenny. They’ll have evil music, evil snacks, and evil fun for everyone!

What time is it? Adventure Time! Created in conjunction with Cartoon Network Enterprises, Abrams is excited to introduce The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, the first-of-its-kind, definitive guide to the show’s beloved characters and world. The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia includes everything anyone will ever need to know about the Land of Ooo and its inhabitants-secret lore and spells, fun places you should visit and places where you will probably die, what to eat and what not to eat, whom to marry and whom not to marry, how to make friends and how to destroy your enemies-plus “marginalia” and doodles by Finn, Jake, and Marceline.

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is written by Martin Olson, the voice actor for the Lord of Evil on Adventure Time, who narrates the book in character. It also features original illustrations by acclaimed Adventure Time cartoonists Renee French, Tony Millionaire, Celeste Moreno, Aisleen Romano, and Mahendra Singh, and is designed by Sean Tejaratchi. The show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, contributes original content to the book as well.


Author: Supahcute

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