The Adventure Time Encylopaedia Release and Signing Party

adventure time super event

Here are a few details about The Adventure Time Encylopaedia Release and Signing Party taking place this Saturday, August (3-10pm) at Wacko/La Luz de Jesus. Get your book signed by author Martin Olson (Marceline’s dad), Olivia Olson (Marceline), cartoonist Tony Millionaire, and show creator Pendleton Ward. Mike o’Connell will read from the Encyclopaedia, and there will be a screening of the book trailer, videos, and a performance featuring Captain Danger and Olivia. Contact to pre-order a signed book.

I just started leafing through The Adventure Time Encylopaedia, and it is awesome!! If you love Adventure Time, you definitely need this book! If you’re a casual fan who has only seen a few episodes here and there, you still need this book! If you’ve never seen Adventure Time but you can appreciate the art, you’ll probably enjoy this book. If you don’t like Adventure Time at all, well, I have nothing more to say to you…

The Adventure Time Encylopaedia is now available at most bookstores and at


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