Jared Andrew Schorr & Jerrod Maruyama Button Set at Designer Con

Jared & Jerrod button set

For Designer Con 2013, Jared Andrew Schorr and Jerrod Maruyama created the cutest button set ever! Each set comes with the 3 buttons shown above and is only $5. Available only at booth #213.

Jared & Jerrod buttons

This set features one design by Jared Schorr (left), one design by Jerrod Maruyama (right), and a collaborative design (middle).  Jared also designed the logo on the packaging. I will only have 70 button sets at Designer Con, so don’t delay!

A Gift For You

I also wanted to share a sneak preview of “A Gift For You,” Jared Andrew Schorr’s cut paper original inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle. Visit this page to see all of the Supahcute exclusives!

Designer Con takes place on November 9 (9am – 6pm) and November 10 (9am – 5pm) at the Pasadena Convention Center (event parking map). Supahcute and Vanessa Ramirez will be at booth #213, and you can RSVP on our Facebook event page!


Author: Supahcute

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