Photo Recap of Designer Con 2013

dcon 2013 1

Now that I’ve recovered somewhat from Designer Con, I can share some photos from our booth! It was truly an honor to be able to share some amazing exclusives by Jared Andrew Schorr and Jerrod Maruyama.

dcon 2013 day 1 booth

Here are a few photos from day one. Vanessa Ramirez had a great mix of 3D art and original drawings. You can find her remaining pieces here.

dcon 2013 day 1 exclusives

Thank goodness Rodger took a photo of Jerrod’s mini prints before doors opened. They were sold out within 5-10 minutes.

dcon 2013 day 1 jared andrew schorr

Jared Andrew Schorr’s cut paper artwork attracted a lot of attention from old fans and new ones. “The Radish Spirit” and Adventure Time Soot Spirits sold out quickly.

dcon 2013 day 1 octopus

It was octopus galore at our booth! There, you see the Millypus prototypes that Vanessa made for me.

dcon 2013 day 1 vanessa ramirez

Here are a few more sculptures by Vanessa. The owls all sold out and the dapper fatty bugs also found good homes.

dcon 2013 day 1millypus accessories

My brand-new Millypus accessories received positive feedback. Excuse the janky handwritten price list.

dcon 2013 day 2
dcon 2013 day 2 supahcute

Here is our booth layout on day two. I had to move things around due to exclusives being sold out.

dcon 2013 day 2 vanessa ramirez

As you can see, Vanessa’s supply of original sculpts were rapidly diminishing. We both had a great show!

dcon 2013 supahcute day 2

Here is one last shot of the collaboration piece before it found its permanent home. I was sad to see it go but happy that it found a great home.

dcon 2013 vanessa ramirez monster

Vanessa’s monsters kept our booth safe all weekend long. Especially this guy.

dcon 2013 vanessa ramirez pumpkins

Here are the last two resin pumpkins before they were sold out. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, you know!

millypus prototype

Finally, here is a shot of the Millypus resin figures that Vanessa will be producing for Supahcute. If you want to know when they’ll be release, sign up for my mailing list!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth! Hope you all had as much fun as we did. See you next year!


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