Post It Show 9 at Giant Robot 2


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you may have seen my photos from Giant Robot‘s Post It Show 9. (Check out my Flickr set if you missed them.) Most of my photos are from Saturday afternoon, hours before the opening time. I knew many of these would sell out and I just wanted to see them while I could.

postitshow9 gr

I’ve lost track of how many of these I’ve attended, but GR’s annual Post It Show gets better every year. Congratulations to curators Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, and Giant Robot for another epic show!

postitshow9 gr2

It was great to see familiar names and to discover new favorites. I really appreciated how some artists outdid themselves from previous years.

postitshow9 amy sol

Unless you were there at the opening, you probably missed seeing Amy Sol‘s three pieces. This one was my favorite, but they were all amazing.

postitshow9 nathan ota

I’m not sure if I saw all of Nathan Ota‘s pieces. (As a short person, anything above row 4 is a blur to me.) But I’m really glad I had a chance to see this gem. Kudos to whoever bought this one.

postitshow9 sean chao

This year we decided to skip the opening rush and arrived around 9:30. I was really happy that one of Sean Chao‘s dumplings were left. Of course I had to get it.

postitshow9 susie ghahremani

Someone asked me what my buying strategy was, and I do have a plan. Every year I have to buy a piece from Susie Ghahremani. I didn’t buy this one, but it was one of my favorites.

postitshow9 elaine chou

Also, every year I try to find an artist who is new to me. This piece by Elaine Chou spoke to me and it’s one of the ones I bought on opening night.

postitshow9 cristina paolos

I’m also a new fan of Cristina Paolos. I had no idea who the artist was until I posted this photo on Instagram and Liz Ohanesian responded with the artist’s name.

postitshow9 tiffany liu

Rodger fell head over heels in love with Tiffany Liu‘s artwork. He is a super sad panda for not being able to get one of her painted Post Its. Maybe next year?

postitshow9 jared andrew schorr

I was also on a mission to get one of Jared Andrew Schorr‘s Post Its. I didn’t buy this one but they were all wonderful. I love the one I bought on opening night. I’ll share photos of my purchases later but you can find them on my Instagram feed.

If you missed the opening weekend, just know that there are plenty of great pieces remaining. Plus they said that more are on the way: Katsuya Terada is one of the artists whose pieces were still in transit. We actually returned to the show yesterday and picked up some great pieces, including a few from David Mack. Then, we actually met David Mack! We also met Tamyln Tomita!! [Thanks Cate!!]

david mack and tamlyn tomita

Here is a photo from David Mack’s Facebook page along with the caption he wrote: Coffee with actress Tamlyn Tomita (Karate Kid 2, Joy Luck Club), DJ C-Dub, & Giant Robot photographer Cate Park. Supahcute bought some of my art at the GIANT ROBOT exhibit & gave us all some of her Supacute goodies. Tamlyn bought some of my art at the exhibit too, and we caught up about her doing auditions for KABUKI at FOX years ago.


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