Post It Show 9: Part 2 at Giant Robot 2


If you missed the opening weekend of Giant Robot’s Post It Show 9, there will be a second drop this Saturday, December 14. Some of the pieces were stuck in transit, and some artists just wanted to create more art. As the flyer notes, GR2 will start distributing tickets at noon and will pick via a lottery system.

post it show 9

There are so many great pieces that are still remaining. I can’t believe each piece is just $25! Rodger (Orbital Ox) visited GR2 during the week and he highlighted a few of his favorites.

the kappa david mack

Rodger also bought this David Mack piece for my Post It collection. Hooray!! If you’re still Christmas shopping, Post It art makes a great gift for any art lover.


Author: Supahcute

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