Final Weekend of Supahcute Kaiju Show!


I can’t believe that Supahcute Kaiju Show is almost over! Head over to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland this weekend and see everything while you still can!! I’ll be there on Saturday to take one last look at all of the awesome pieces.


I hope Pilus by Vanessa Ramirez finds a good home before it’s too late! This is one of her two remaining sculptures in the show.


Christopher Lee created some wonderful limited edition prints for the show, and The Kaiju Formula is one of my favorites. Also available as a limited edition unframed print.


Varinya Nunez created three sweet paintings, and Bath Time in the Sea is one of two that are still available. I’m looking forward to working with Varinya on future Supahcute shows!


Beast Three is one of three illustrations by Camilo Bejarano, and all three pieces are surprisingly still available!


If you haven’t picked up an Attack of Burger Crab and Pizzasaurus print by 100% Soft yet, what are you waiting for? The framed print is also available. [Update: the framed print is now sold out]

These are just a few of the remaining pieces. Check out Supahcute Kaiju Show this weekend or view all of the available pieces online.


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