Jared Andrew Schorr’s Cute Cultures for Supahcute Science Fair

Jared Andrew Schorr

I really loved these test tube pieces that Jared Andrew Schorr created for Gallery Nucleus last year. So, I was really happy when he agreed to be part of Supahcute Science Fair. For this show, Jared created 5 “Cute Cultures” in petri dishes. Each Cute Culture is so afforable that one should probably get the entire set!

Since we want both kids and adults to enjoy Supahcute Science Fair, Leanna and I made sure that many of the art pieces are installed at a kid’s eye-level. Also, it’s great that many of the pieces are quite affordable!

We invite science fans of all ages to the opening reception this Saturday at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. The fun starts at 6pm and features music by DJ Laminlove and sweet treats by Auntie Apple and Amara Kitchen.


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