Exploring Space at Supahcute Science Fair

Lyla Warren

Space and space travel inspired several artists in Supahcute Science Fair. Artist Lyla Warren explains how she was inspired to create this piece: I’ve always been a huge science fiction fan but following Col. Chris Hadfield on Twitter started my love affair with the real thing. Seeing the pictures of Earth, knowing we have all these people living in space… it has complete captured my imagination. And then his amazing music video Space Oddity blew my mind!

Lyla Warren Supahcute Science Fair

Lyla’s mixed media piece “Space Oddity: A Tribute to Chris Hadfield” is still available in person at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and online at the webshop.


A little known fact about Genevieve Santos: she was a biology major during her freshman year at USC. She also drew inspiration from space travel and NASA images for her original drawings on black paper. All three of her pieces including “S’more in Space” sold on opening night but you can still see them through April 27.


Tyler Parker is a self-described science dork, and his illustration for Supahcute Science Fair shares these facts: 1. Space travel is awesome and 2. animals break things. This piece is available as a framed AP (limited to 1) and as unframed prints.

Check out these fantastic pieces and much more at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through April 27. You can also view and purchase available artwork online.


Author: Supahcute

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