Supahcute Science Fair Artwork Still Available!

Laboratory Glassware Chart

There are some incredible pieces still available at Supahcute Science Fair! Learn about laboratory glassware with this cute limited editon print by Michael Fleming.


Nikola Tesla fans should check out this TeslaCake print. Available as a framed print and as unframed prints. Each print has a handwritten Easter egg about Nikola Tesla on the back!


Jared Andrew Schorr created a series of Cute Culturues, and here is 1 of 2 that are still available. You can purchase Cute Cultures 2 online today. UPDATE: Cute Cultures 2 sold right after I posted this, so Cute Cultures 1 is the only Jared Andrew Schorr piece still remaining.


Jessica Miranda of Enkyskulls imagines sea slugs that can fly in this original illustration. Supahcute Science Fair is on view at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through April 27, 2014.


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