Last Week of Supahcute Science Fair!

Hine Mizushima

Hard to believe that Supahcute Science Fair is almost over! You can still catch it at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through Sunday, April 27, or view the show online!

Cute Culture 1

This is the only remaining Cute Culture piece by Jared Andrew Schorr.


I hope Nikola Tesla fans don’t miss out on this print. Unframed prints are also available and each one has a handwritten Easter egg about Nikola Tesla on the back!

Lyla Warren Supahcute Science Fair

Lyla Warren’s 3D tribute to astronaut Chris Hadfield is pretty amazing. I’m still hoping that someone at NASA will see this piece and share it with Col. Hadfield!

I’m really proud of all of the Supahcute Science Fair artists, and I really want all of the artwork to find good homes. If you know any science geeks and art nerds, please share this link with them!


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