Supahcute Science Fair Ends This Sunday, 4/27!

supahcute science fair gallery wall

Supahcute Science Fair invited 12 artists to prove that art can be both fun and educational, and the result was quite magical! The show features new works by Enkyskulls, Genevieve Santos, Hiné Mizushima, Jared Andrew Schorr, Kit Lane, Leslie Levings, Lyla Warren, Michael Fleming, Shing Yin Khor, TeslaCake, Tyler Parker, and Vanessa Ramirez. See it at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through this Sunday, April 27 or view/purchase available artwork online!


Shing Yin Khor created 7 beautiful fairybug paintings for the show, along with the artwork featured on the show poster. This piece “Butterwinged Fairybugs 1” is still available.

Supahcute Science Fair Kit Lane

Kit Lane combined wool and fiberoptics in this gorgeous piece titled “Aquabugs.” Batteries are included.

Laboratory Glassware Chart

Michael Fleming created an extremely limited edition (5) of this cute glassware chart, and I know that a few are still available. This would be a great gift for your favorite scientist.

Tyler Parker

Tyler Parker’s illustration teaches you that: 1. Space travel is awesome and 2. animals break things. This piece is available as a framed AP (limited to 1) and as unframed prints. See more amazing artwork at Supahcute Science Fair!


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