Yumiko Kayukawa for “Doggie Wonderland”

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I knew that artist Yumiko Kayukawa loves dogs, so I was thrilled when she agreed to participate in Doggie Wonderland. She has donated two signed copies of her new art book “Japanese Wolf” and both will be available at the opening event on May 10 at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

yumiko doggie wonderland

In each book, Yumiko included an original drawing of a dog featured on Ken-Mar Rescue’s website.

yumiko kayukawa doggie wonderland

She shares a sweet story about this particular drawing: My husband and I adopted a rescued Papillon few years ago (He is with my profile photo in the book). We found him on Petfinder. It was a long journey to find a perfect dog for us. Even after we fond and adopted our dog, it has become my hobby to check dogs listed in Petfinder, and sometimes I pin a dog’s profile on my pinterest board or post on FB until they find home. So I found this black & white Papillon x Poodle mix dog on Petfinder, and my husband and I were totally in love. We know we can’t add any more dogs but he was on my pinterest board until he found home. I was really happy when he was finally adopted. Then later, you invited me for this charity show and I visited Ken-Mar Rescue’s website. Then I found the dog on the top page! I was surprised and even happier to take a part of this event. It was so much fun to draw the dog I wish to own :)

Awwwww!! Ken-Mar Rescue depends on donors, volunteers, and fundraisers to continue its mission of saving abandoned dogs. Help us raise money for those who give us unconditional love!


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