Yoskay Yamamoto ‘House of Daydreamers’ at GR2

YoskayYamamoto flyercopy

We’re really excited about Yoskay Yamamoto‘s upcoming solo exhibition at GR2. The opening reception of ‘House of Daydreamers’ takes place on Saturday, May 17 from 6:30-10pm. Hope to see you guys there!

Little People Yoskay Yamamoto

Via Giant Robot: Yoskay Yamamoto is a treasure in Los Angeles. As thoughtful and charming as his presence at various exhibitions, he’s also a developed creator. His painted imagery is unmistakable and his 3d work which is often hard carved is whimsical and precious. Yamamoto will be creating numerous flower sculptures along with paintings, and as usual, will create an enchanting installation.

Yoskay Yamamoto GR2

Yoskay Yamamoto was born in Japan, attended school in Santa Barbara, and is a self taught artist living in Los Angeles. Join him and many of his friends at his exhibition reception. Music will be provided by Kalin Charles.

For any additional information of inquiries, feel free to contact Eric Nakamura: eric@giantrobot.com


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