Uglycon 2014 Details!

uglycon2014 schedule

Uglycon 2014 takes place tomorrow June 21 from 12-8pm! Here is the event schedule.

uglycon2014 event print

The Uglycon event print by Little Friends of Printmaking will be available at GR2.

uglycon2014 partner locations

Visit the Uglycon Uglydoll Partner Locations: Premiums include signed prints, magnets, and buttons, and each location has its own rules on how you can get their premiums!

uglycon2014 seoul sausage

I’m all about Seoul Sausage’s kalbi poutine. For more event updates, RSVP on the Uglycon 2014 Facebook event page, and join the Uglycon 2014 Facebook group!


Author: Supahcute

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