Dehara Yukinori “Tiny Little Objects” at GR2

Dehara Tiny Little Objects

The odd creations of Japanese artist Dehara Yukinori may not seem cute to everyone, but they’re cute to me. I like a dose of weird with cute. That’s why I get excited every time he has an exhibition at GR2. On Saturday, August 2, he will return to GR2 for his new solo exhibition “Tiny Little Objects.”

Dehara Tiny Little Objects 1

Dehara Tiny Little Objects 2

Japanese artist Dehara Yukinori’s latest work strays from his past of creating boxed original sculptures. His latest entry into the figure world is minuscule versions of his art pieces. In what we’d call a smart move to do something completely different from the years of sculpting paper clay and then packaged to appear like a toy figure, these pieces will have its freedom and at the same time be intimate. You’ll have to move in closer to see his objects.

Dehara Terada GR2

On Sunday, August 3, Dehara will combine forces with illustration legend Terada Katsuya in a live demo featuring Japanese Yokai. Don’t miss this one!!


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