Maryanna Hoggatt “The Armies Gather” at Hellion Gallery

Animal Battle

I don’t know why it took me so long to find out about Maryanna Hoggatt, but I’m glad I did! I mean, just look at this show postcard… it was love at first sight! Her upcoming solo show “The Armies Gather” opens at Hellion Gallery in Portland on Thursday, August 7 (6-9pm).

Jarvis Maryanna Hoggatt

Wooden swords, flowing banners, elaborate costumes and dapper hats decorate handsome beasts of all species as they quietly stand at attention, waiting for a battle to begin.

Animal Battle is a visualization of our internal struggle to bring ideas and dreams to life against our most powerful enemies: Fear and Doubt. The Eyes + Hands army symbolizes our physical self, while Hearts + Stars represents the mental: passion, courage, & imagination. Together they lead Ideas out of our subconscious and protect them on a journey through our mind into Reality.

Featuring her first sculptures, “Animal Battle: The Armies Gather” further explores Hoggatt’s ongoing series with eleven new works of fantastical creation. With a variety of species ranging from Raccoons to Narwhals to Red Pandas, “The Armies Gather” is an introduction to the colorful characters that inhabit the world of Animal Battle.

Maryanna Hoggatt Tolly

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