Summerland Movie Club Update!

Summerland Movie Club gallery

I’ve been so busy lately that I just remembered today is my blog anniversary! Happy 6 years of Supahcute!! Hope you can help me celebrate by supporting my latest show – Summerland Movie Club – at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. The show runs through August 24, and there are some fabulous pieces still available!

Lloyd Dobler and Nacho prints

Moemoe + Goreilla just added new prints to the show: the Nacho print and the Lloyd Dobler print are available in store and online. The two sculptures are also still available.

Here are just some of the available prints and originals – view the show online.

Ian Glaubinger "Dino DNA"  Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Ian Glaubinger “Dino DNA” Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Vanessa Ramirez "Moonrise Kingdom"
Vanessa Ramirez “Moonrise Kingdom”
Kristen Lau "I Guess They Pushed Him Too Far"
Kristen Lau “I Guess They Pushed Him Too Far”
Ryan Shaw "Aliens"
Ryan Shaw “Aliens”

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