Martin Hsu “In Dreams” Solo Show at Wrong Gallery Taipei


Congratulations to Martin Hsu on the successful opening of his first solo exhibition!! “In Dreams” opened this past weekend at Wrong Gallery Taipei – see photos from the opening reception here.


About the show: “In Dreams, a new series of original paintings which leads us down a narrative path through familiar folktales and nostalgic peonyscapes. Inspired by personal memories, Little Red Riding Hood and her pal, the Big Bad Wolf, make a special delivery to grandma’s house. Follow the white rabbit on a scooter, join Mad Hatter for some boba tea, and visit Queen of Hearts for a bowl of noodles. A reminder of precious moments once upon simple times with good food and company.”


“In Dreams” will be on view through September 2, and you can view the artwork online. All inquiries, please email


Author: Supahcute

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