Last Week to See Summerland Movie Club!

Crowded Teeth "Wet Hot American Summer"
Crowded Teeth “Wet Hot American Summer”

This is the final week of Summerland Movie Club, so it’s your last chance to see some amazing art! A lot of pieces have sold but we also have great pieces still available at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

Ian Glaubinger "Dino DNA"  Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Ian Glaubinger “Dino DNA” Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Lloyd Dobler "Goreilla + Moemoe"
Lloyd Dobler “Goreilla + Moemoe”

Here are just a few of the fabulous pieces that have already sold. Don’t miss out! Check out the entire show online through August 24.

Jerrod Maruyama "It's An 80s Thing" SOLD OUT
Jerrod Maruyama “It’s An 80s Thing” SOLD OUT
100% Soft "Weekend at Bernie's" SOLD
100% Soft “Weekend at Bernie’s” SOLD
Ann Shen "Roman Holiday" SOLD
Ann Shen “Roman Holiday” SOLD

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