Hello Kitty in GAMEVIL’s Chef de Bubble

Chef de Bubble Hello Kitty 1

I’m not into games, but anything with “Hello Kitty” piques my interest…

Hello Kitty, who is currently celebrating her 40th anniversary, has made an appearance in GAMEVIL’s city-building/restaurant-simulation game Chef de Bubble. In the game, players create personalized “bubbles” or snow globes in which they run a restaurant and serve adorably delicious foods. Now that GAMEVIL and Sanrio are releasing 40 limited edition Hello Kitty items in Chef de Bubble in 2014, players can deck out their globes with all things Hello Kitty for all of their friends to see.

Chef de Bubble Hello Kitty 2

Currently, players can decorate with ten items from the “Special Hello Kitty” collection, including a Hello Kitty Toaster, Hello Kitty Phone, Hello Kitty Frame Wall, Hello Kitty Globe, and even a Dear Daniel House. Hello Kitty fans will be able to collect even more adorable items as Chef de Bubble releases the “World Traveler Hello Kitty,” “Amusement Park Hello Kitty,” and “Christmas Hello Kitty” collections throughout the remainder of the year.

Chef de Bubble on App Store: http://bit.ly/ChefdeBubbleAS
Chef de Bubble on Google Play: http://bit.ly/ChefdeBubbleGP
Chef de Bubble on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayChefdeBubble


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