Giant Robot Presents Ako Castuera “Banana Flats”

Ako Castuera Banana Flats

On September 13, Giant Robot is proud to present Banana Flats, an exhibition featuring new work by Ako Castuera. I was really impressed by “They Are Us” her last solo show at GR2, and I anticipate being awestruck once again.

Ako Castuera - Blue Lago

There are no Bananas in Banana Flats. “Banana Flats” is an idea for a place where the mind is free.

It’s a land of non-geographical dimensions, a twilight zone of creative energy where nature and imagination come into synthesis. It is an environment capable of supporting an abundance of life, impossible for us to witness from Earth except through a portal of artistic expression. Fragile but tenacious, the inhabitants of Banana Flats live all around us, in a state of lively suspension until they are channelled by a sympathetic human who will provide them with a body.

Ako Castuera Snake Lion

The exhibition “Banana Flats” is the first recorded gathering of these bodies, brought into our dimension by the sculptural exertions of artist Ako Castuera. To the average eye, they will look like colorful anthropomorphic sculptures made from a range of clays from locally dug earth to the finest porcelain. Over a time of 9 months, Ms. Castuera has provided ceramic bodies to scores of distinct entities from Banana Flats.

Ako Castuera Lions Mouth

On Earth, shadows are cast by objects. In Banana Flats, it’s the other way around. Our earth shadows project objects into an imaginary world. Our biggest shadows are cast by the abuse humans inflict on each other and on our planet. These shadows crush all kinds of life, making it seem like we are not connected, like we have broken apart and will never come together again. The clay forms from Banana Flats are opposite reactions to the big shadows of Earth. They are small, but in their humble way they have the potential to keep us connected to each other and our humanity.

“Banana Flats” opens at GR2 on Saturday, September 13 with a reception from 6:30 – 10pm. The show runs through October 1.


Author: Supahcute

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