100% Soft “Lil MacGuffins” at Bottleneck Gallery


Mac·Guf·fin: An object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot

On September 12, 100% Soft‘s newest exhibition “Lil MacGuffins” opens at Bottleneck Gallery. “Lil MacGuffins” features pieces inspired by his favorite cinematic objects of desire, like the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy.


Or the $2 Million Dollars in No Country for Old Men.


Nathan Junior from Raising Arizona


The statue in The Maltese Falcon


The NOC List in Mission Impossible

100% Soft will have 10 new pieces in this exhibition; each 6″ x 6″ piece comes in an edition of 25. The opening reception takes place Friday, September 12 (7-10pm EST), and online sales begin on Saturday, September 13 (12pm EST).


Author: Supahcute

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