NYCC 2014 Exclusive: Sleeptime Bunnies Sweet Harvest Edition by Peter Kato

Peter Kato Sleeptime Bunnies

Heading to New York Comic Con this year? Be sure to visit myplasticheart at booth 113. This year they’re collaborating with Brooklyn based artist Peter Kato, debuting his newest creation, Sleeptime Bunnies! This new rendition of Peter’s super popular Bedtime Bunnies are now in full slumber, peacefully dreaming away.

Peter Kato Sleeptime Bunnies 2

This exclusive Sleeptime Bunnies Sweet Harvest Edition comes in 4 seasonal candy shades of autumn, blind boxed and limited to only 30 pieces. $12 each at booth #113.

Peter Kato Sleeptime Bunnies 3

What’s more, if you’re really lucky you might even snag a special chase colorway hidden in the batch!

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Author: Supahcute

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